Important Dates

ADO Qualifier Singles League Official Rules


1. Players must be a current member of the DDA, SWDA, ADSLA, or any association who is a member of the ADO. If you are not a member of any of these associations, you can sign up with any of them by paying their membership fee or pay a $10.00 yearly membership fee to join the ADSLA.


1. All Pub Owners who wish to participate in the ADO Qualifier Singles League must agree to the terms of the league and agree to the pub fees which are $3.00 per player per match, to be added to the participating pub list.


1. Each participating pub will have a separate league for Men and Women, providing they have enough players sign up to play for that pub.

2. There will be no Mixed Leagues.

3. Leagues will be limited to a minimum of four (4) players and a maximum of twelve (12) players per division.

4. Players will pick a first pub of choice and a second pub of choice on the roster when they sign up to play.

5. If there are less than four (4) players signed up for their first pub of choice, they will be added to their second pub of choice.

6. If there are less than four (4) players signed up for the second pub of choice, the players will be notified and allowed to pick another club, or have their money refunded.

7. If there are more than twelve (12) players signed up to play, they will be divided up into two (2) or more divisions in the same pub, by a drawing, to see which division they will play in.

8. There will be four (4) seasons per year. ADO Masters Season will run between November and February. ADO All Stars Season will run between February and May. ADO U.S. Team Season will run between May and July. ADO Cricket Season will run between August and October.

9. The length of the season will depend on the number of players that sign up. Seasons will last no longer than eleven (11) weeks and no shorter than seven (7) weeks.

     A. Four (4) player division plays a nine (9) week season. Play three (3) other players three (3) times.
     B. Five (5) player division plays an eight (8) week season. Play four (4) other players two (2) times.
     C. Six (6) player division plays a ten (10) week season. Play five (5) other players two (2) times.
     D. Seven (7) player division plays a ten (10) week season. Play six (6) other players two (2) times. They will play two (2) matches per week for the first three (3) weeks, then one (1) match per week for the remainder of the season.
     E. Eight (8) player division plays a seven (7) week season. Play seven (7) other players one (1) time.
     F. Nine (9) player division plays an eight (8) week season. Play eight (8) other players one (1) time.
     G. Ten (10) player division plays a nine (9) week season. Play nine (9) other players one (1) time.
     H. Eleven (11) player division plays a ten (10) week season. Play ten (10) other players one (1) time.
     I. Twelve (12) player division plays an eleven (11) week season. Play eleven (11) other players one (1) time.

10. Format will be a round robin, you play one (1) player per week until you play out your division schedule.

11. All players are required to contact their opponent in the beginning of the week to schedule their match.

12. Players have from Monday to Sunday to play their match.

13. Any matches that must be rescheduled because of vacations or anything that might come up unexpectedly, must be agreed on by both players and approved by the ADO Representative. Both players must contact the ADO Rep to have the schedule change approved. Otherwise both players will forfeit any match not played during the week it was scheduled.

     A. If a player cannot reach their opponent to schedule a match, they must call the ADO Rep to inform him of the situation. Then, if a match is not played, the player who has notified the ADO Rep of the situation will have the forfeit in their favor and will receive nine (9) points for the forfeit, while the player who didn't call the ADO Rep will receive zero (0) points for that week.

B. If a player doesn’t show up to play a scheduled match and doesn’t call their opponent to let them know that they can’t make it, the match will be forfeited to the player who showed up to play (9-0). I understand that stuff happens, but if you can’t make your scheduled match, please have the courtesy to call your opponent and let them know. Preferably before they leave for the Pub.
     C. If a player forfeits out of the league during any point of the season, all matches played against this player will be erased from the standings and that players spot on the schedule will now become a bye.
     D. If a player forfeits a match during the season, but remains in the singles league. Their opponent will receive a 9-0 win for that match.

     E. Any player who forfeits 2 matches during a season will be disqualified from that season without a refund of entry fee and all matches played will be erased and treated as a bye.

14. All matches must be played in the pub that you signed up to play in. (This is the reason you signed up to play in this Pub).

15. Any match played in another pub without permission from the ADO Rep, and the approval of the Pub Owner, will be forfeited by both players, with both players receiving zero (0) points for that match. (These pub owners are adding money into your division, so it's only fair that you play there!)

16. All matches will be nine (9) legs of 501 SS/DO, or nine (9) legs of Cricket, depending on the season. Masters, All Star, and U.S. Team Seasons will be all 501 SS/DO, while the Cricket Season will all be Cricket.

17. The player who wins the most legs is responsible for calling in the score. All scores must be called in no later than Sunday night 11:00pm during the week of play. All late calls will cost the player two (2) points. Call in the score to 214-507-8375. (It's best to call in your score right after you finish your match, this way, you don't forget to do it later.)

18. The player with the most points is also responsible for faxing the score sheet to the ADO Rep by Sunday night @ 972-635-7688, or leaving the scoresheet at the bar for the ADO Rep to pick up by Sunday night.

19. First late scorecard will cost the player two (2) points; each additional late card will cost an additional two (2) points. (Example... first last card cost two (2) points, second late card costs four (4) points, third late card costs six (6) points, etc...)


1. All entry fees for men and women for each season will be $55.00

2. This fee is to be paid in cash only and to be turned in with the roster during roster turn in.

3. There will be only one exception for a refund, and that is only if the two (2) choices of Pubs you select do not have enough players to form a division. You will have the choice of playing in another Pub that has enough players or to receive a refund. Other than that, there will be no refunds. Even if you drop out of the league, you forfeit your entry fee.

4. All Pubs will pay $3.00 per player per match played to play out of their Pub.

5. This fee is due no later than the last week of the season.

6. This fee must also be paid in cash and a receipt will be made out for this payment.

7. There will be no refunds on the Pub fees under any circumstance.


1. For every two (2) players who sign up to play, one (1) will qualify.

2. If an odd number of players sign up to play, the extra money will be added to the next season of play to send an extra player to the Regionals.

3. However; if the next person in line with the most points wishes to put in the rest of the money to qualify for the Regionals, he/she may do so.

4. If any player who qualifies can not make the Regionals, the next player in line with the most points will take their spot.

5. If any player who qualifies does not make it to the shoot, and did not inform the ADO Rep that they would not be able to make the Regionals, they will be banned from the ADO Qualifier Singles League for one (1) year.

6. If a player who qualifies for the Regionals can not make it and notifies the ADO Rep of their situation, they will be allowed to play in the following seasons and the next player in line with the most points will take their spot in the Regionals.


1. All of the rules of play set up by the ADO and the DDA will be in effect.

2. Any questions or concerns about any of the rules should be brought up to the ADO Representative.