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DDA Equipment Trailer News

The DDA has owned a 20 foot enclosed trailer for longer than most of us can remember. It is a 1987 model Wells Cargo and we store ALL of our tournament equipment along with a good portion of the MDA’s equipment as well. The trailer is utilized four or five times a year to transport the equipment to tournaments including SUPER DARTS, NORTH TEXAS, DFW METROPLEX OPEN, and others.

Recently it was in need of some basic maintenance and some major repairs. We want to thank American Drill and Fabrications, owned and operated by Cindy McCaughey and Joe Darden, who did a great job. They replaced part of the floor, rebuilt the platform the dart standards go on and installed tie downs to stabilize the load. They repaired the brakes, inspected and packed the wheel bearings as needed, and replaced the fiberglass on the end caps. They checked all the lighting to make sure it was road ready and safe. Now, we have a trailer to be proud of. One that is not only functional, but will service the DDA for many years to come.

Cindy and Joe have both been members of the DDA for many years and we are blessed to have members who go the extra mile for our association. While they had the trailer and all of our equipment, they painted the score boards flat black.

Everyone who came to the DFW Metroplex Open commented on how GREAT the standards look with the new carpet donated and installed by Robert and Candy Madrigal, and the new paint on the score boards made it all look fresh and new again. SHARP was the word used most to describe how it all looked together.

Thanks again,

Sue Dickson
DDA Persident

Tournament Standards Get New Look!

The DDA would like to thank all who came to the working party this past Saturday to re-carpet the Dart Standards we use for all the association tournaments. And believe me it was no party. Sue provided plenty of water, cokes, and most important donuts to help get everyone started. We met there at 8:00am and worked until 4:00pm.

From the MDA we had Joan and Gene Bullard as well as Frank Moore. Suszi Gagnon, Sue and I were there from the DDA and we all spent a solid eight hours working on the standards, cleaning the trailer, and re-loading the trailer getting it ready for up-coming tournaments.

Our greatest thanks goes to Robert (Taco) and Candice (Candy) Madrigal, they supplied the carpet, tools, and experience to get the job done. This project would not have happened if it were not for the dedication of DDA members like the Madrigals. Taco and Candy have been DDA members for over 15 years, and carpeted the standards the first time. Candy got her company to donate the carpet, she said it was made in England making it perfect for Darts. They did a great job and the standards look fantastic.

One does not know how difficult this work is until your backside is buried in it.!!! Getting the trailer empty was fine, it was early, and we were all fresh with enthusiasm. Re-loading the trailer after baking in the sun was another story. Gene and I were both sore from moving standards around, but I never heard a complaint from any of the ladies, doing the same work.

The next tournament to use them will be the DFW Metroplex Open. Come play and see how great they look.

Keith Dickson
DDA - Wednesday Director