Important Dates

Tournament of Tournaments (T. Of T.) Rules and Regulations

The purpose of the Tournament of Tournaments is for Dallas Darts Association members to represent Dallas at major out of town tournaments by participating in the Singles event. (Open or Ladies)

301 per DDA rules will be the game. Each pairing will be two out of three games, single elimination. A bull will determine the first shooter in each game. Multiple boards to be used whenever possible. A minimum of six and maximum of sixteen players will play in each tournament. A pub may hold a tournament anytime as long as the minimum player requirement is met. Pairing will be by lot with byes added to fill the remaining places. Drawing by lot will also determine, in the case of two tournaments, which tournament a player will shoot in. In the event of 17-24 players, drawing by lot will also determine which players will be eligible to shoot. The entry fee will be $5.00 per person. All monies will be deposited in the Tournament Fund. The Director will maintain a bank account and the DDA Treasurer will monitor same. All players must be a member of the DDA. The player's correct DDA number must be on the scoresheet. If a non-member wishes to play, a $5.00 membership due and the new player information MUST be sent in with the tournament scoresheet. Results should be mailed, with a check (no cash) for the entry fees and DDA memberships by the pub owner to the T of T Director, 14849 Bridle Bend Drive, Balch Springs, TX 75180, no later than one week following the tournament. The T of T scoresheet consists of a three part NCR form. The first copy should be mailed to the DDA above, the second copy should remain on the bulletin board of the pub holding the tournament, and the third copy given to the winner of the tournament.

Players will receive one point for each match played, with the winner of the tournament receiving an additional point. Points will be accumulated and results published and mailed to DDA pubs a minimum of every two weeks.

The Tournament of Tournaments Director will select the out of town tournaments to which players will be sent. The tournament and cut-off date will be announced at least six weeks in advance. Round trip air fare, ground transportation, double hotel accommodation, singles entry fee (Open or Ladies), and expense money (DDA Board approved) will be paid per tournament entrant.

Any scoresheet not received within seven days of the cut-off date will not count toward the accumumlated point total for sending a player to the scheduled tournament. The scoresheet, if received later than the seven day period will count toward the following tournament. Any scoresheet recieved later than 30 days following the event will not have scored counted, nor will any monies be returned. It will be the Director's responsibility to correct this problem with said pub.

Point standings shall consist of:
a. A numerical list of all players with a minimum of 100 points.
b. An alphabetical listing of all active members with at least one point.
c. An alphabetical listing shall be published once each six months, listing everyone, active and inactive with point totals.
d. Current T of T bank balance.
e. Next major tournaments for consideration.

When the Tournament of Tournaments Director selects a tournament to send members to he/she will:
a. Determine how many people will be able to attend according to how much money is in the tournament fund.
b. Select the members with the highest point totals. A player may decline to go on a tournament once and retain their point total. Should a player turn down a second tournament, their point total shall be reduced to zero. They may begin accumulating points again.
c. A player attending a tournament shall have their point total reduced to zero. They may begin accumulating points again.
d. No player will be sent to more than two tournaments in any twelve month period.
e. Expense money will not be awarded to a player unless the player actually attends the tournament and plays in the singles event (Open or Ladies). Proof of entry in singles is required in the form of a registration/entry receipt.
f. In the event a player does not play in the singles event (Open or Ladies) for any reason, even though he or she attends the tournament, the player has not fulfilled his or her obligation to T of T and shall be required to reimburse the tournament fund for all expenses, including round trip air fare, ground transportation, singles entry fee, hotel accomodations and expense money.
g. In the event the money is not reimbursed, the player shall be suspended from the Dallas Darts Association. The DDA Board of Directors shall determine any further action.
h. Any dispute or points not covered by these rules and regulations shall be decided by the T of T Director with approval of the Board of Directors.

Current T of T Director is Worthie Cunningham - CELL #214.536.1895